Since August 2010 for Manchester City debut show Walt Tkaczuk Jersey, Silva in the past seven seasons the Premiership dedicated 64 assists Mats Zuccarello Jersey, the same period the Premier League, ranked second only Rooney only 51 times, and became the history of Manchester City, the number one league assists The second Nasriet more than doubled. And Rooney same age Silva that do not see signs of recession, and that a beautiful assists and a beautiful goal is no different Liverpool legend Carragher praised Silva is one of the best foreign aid. British media "The Sun" also reported on this, and published a lot of Manchester United fans of the reaction Marc Staal Jersey, Manchester United fans for the return of C Luo are very much looking forward to. But the British "Daily Star" has said that C Luo return Manchester United is difficult to become a reality, and the reason is Mourinho. Mourinho had coached in Real Madrid, but also with C Luo had to work, although the bird led the team overturned the rule of Barcelona on La Liga, but in his coaching Real Madrid, his relationship with Real Madrid players is not good Ryan McDonagh Jersey, C Luo The Real Madrid locker's leader also contradicts Mourinho. It is reported that early last year, Real Madrid mate, Mourinho is a candidate, but Mourinho because they do not want to work with C Luo refused to Lafayette's proposal.