Premier League before the 34 rounds of war, Liverpool 24 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses of 77 points to stand the top of the standings, and Norwich is 8 wins, 8 draws and 18 losses of 32 points in the 17th Chris Summers Jersey. At present, Liverpool ahead of the second Chelsea (official microblogging data) 2 points, less than a match, ranked third in Manchester City more than 4 points, the Red Army than ever before are closer to the Premiership title. Although still in the relegation fight Norwich need to grab points at home, but to win the heart of Liverpool will not miss all the opportunity to take all three points, Rogers under the command of the tiger witch division, will be away for the road "Canary "And make every effort. Norwich fight for relegation: Liverpool is now the momentum is Sheng, but Norwich must also try to get points in the Red Army The last round in a relegation 6 points away on the road 0-1 lost to Fulham, Canary only plot 32 points in the last fourth, if the round and then lost to Liverpool, they are likely to fall into the relegation zone. Hugh after class, Neil - Adams temporarily took over the team, but still failed to get rid of the decline, Norwich after three games were against Manchester United (microblogging data), Chelsea (official microblogging data) and Arsenal (official micro The game network data) Kevin Klein Jersey, each game they have to make every effort to grab points, only relegation line hope. 2013-14 season Premier League (microblogging topic) best player and the best young players candidate announced Pavel Buchnevich Jersey, Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard, Lalana, Yaya - Toure (Y-Toure K-map Ray), Azar will compete for the best player award Eric Staal Jersey, while Ramsay, Barkley and others will compete for the best young player award.