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Premier League before the 34 rounds of war

Le 20 juin 2017, 09:54 dans Humeurs 0

Premier League before the 34 rounds of war, Liverpool 24 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses of 77 points to stand the top of the standings, and Norwich is 8 wins, 8 draws and 18 losses of 32 points in the 17th Chris Summers Jersey. At present, Liverpool ahead of the second Chelsea (official microblogging data) 2 points, less than a match, ranked third in Manchester City more than 4 points, the Red Army than ever before are closer to the Premiership title. Although still in the relegation fight Norwich need to grab points at home, but to win the heart of Liverpool will not miss all the opportunity to take all three points, Rogers under the command of the tiger witch division, will be away for the road "Canary "And make every effort. Norwich fight for relegation: Liverpool is now the momentum is Sheng, but Norwich must also try to get points in the Red Army The last round in a relegation 6 points away on the road 0-1 lost to Fulham, Canary only plot 32 points in the last fourth, if the round and then lost to Liverpool, they are likely to fall into the relegation zone. Hugh after class, Neil - Adams temporarily took over the team, but still failed to get rid of the decline, Norwich after three games were against Manchester United (microblogging data), Chelsea (official microblogging data) and Arsenal (official micro The game network data) Kevin Klein Jersey, each game they have to make every effort to grab points, only relegation line hope. 2013-14 season Premier League (microblogging topic) best player and the best young players candidate announced Pavel Buchnevich Jersey, Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard, Lalana, Yaya - Toure (Y-Toure K-map Ray), Azar will compete for the best player award Eric Staal Jersey, while Ramsay, Barkley and others will compete for the best young player award.

Premier League before the 34 rounds

Le 20 juin 2017, 09:54 dans Humeurs 0

Premier League before the 34 rounds of war Conor Allen Jersey, Arsenal 20 wins and 7 draws and 7 losses 67 points to stand the fourth standings, and Hull City is 10 wins, 6 draws and 17 losses of 36 points ranked 13th. Arsenal is still in the Champions League qualifying for the next season, the current gunmen only 5 points than the first 1 Everton, the remaining four league Wenger's team can not be lost. The season has entered a critical period, Wenger announced in advance Ozil will come back this weekend, the good news, I hope the return of the German midfielder, can help Arsenal re-enter the fast lane. Suareznovic Nemesis: Suarez can be said to be Norwich's number one nemesis Oscar Lindberg Jersey, the two past four encounters, the Soviet Union into the amazing 11 goals! Which includes a record 3 hat trick! Norwich can be said to Suarez in the Premier League favorite kick team Carl Hagelin Jersey, this time guest war Norwich, the Soviet gods will be Rogers on the front line of the most trusted players, the current Uruguay has scored 29 league Goal, away from the 30 ball mark only 1 ball. Now the Premier League has been fighting for 34 rounds, the performance of the players are also obvious to all. England (microblogging) professional players union announced today the Premier League this season, the best player six candidates list, Liverpool (official microblogging data) to become the biggest winner, the top of the Red Army, contributed three players, Suarez, Gerla Germany, Stuart Ridge three people, will be with Azar, Yaya - Toure and La Rana for this award. Which Su God's winning voice of the highest Daniel Paille Jersey, this season as of now, he scored 29 goals in 29 games in the Premiership, called the Red Army top of the biggest hero.

Mourinho said he did not confirm that Azar

Le 20 juin 2017, 09:54 dans Humeurs 0

Mourinho said he did not confirm that Azar will miss the Champions League first leg, but he has not participated in the joint practice, the team will not take such a risk in such an important game. Mourinho also stressed that the team's rich experience is that they have the opportunity to beat Atletico's capital, although Atletico's performance this season Brian Leetch Jersey, even out of the powerful Barcelona, ??but in the Champions League semi-final so Heavyweight competition, experience can often decide something. Every time elected to Real Madrid President, Florentino have introduced the tradition of the star, now C Lo is leaving the team, Mbapi, Donald Lu Ma and others are the transfer destination Mike Richter Jersey, Lafayette has just taken office This series of thorny problems, but for the 70-year-old Florentino, he is able to deal with these problems. Galaxy warships may start this third. Borg in the summer of 2016 from the Norwegian League Valerunga move to more than the root of the team, in just past a season on behalf of Genk played 17 times new york rangers jersey for sale, the total playing time of 1921 minutes, no goals recorded. In addition, Borg has also in Norway U19, U21 team had 5 and 2 appearances, and has on behalf of the Norwegian national team played twice. It is worth mentioning that the boss of the poster and the effectiveness of Real Madrid's peerless genius Ou Gade par, known as the "Norwegian Gemini Dylan Mcilrath Jersey."

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